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Established in 1892


St David’s Society of Winnipeg

(From September 2013)

The Welsh Society of Manitoba

Cymdeithas Gymreig Manitoba

New Members always Welcome

Mae croeso i bawb ymaelodi

To apply for membership,

visit the Society’s new website at


                                                    Swyddogion y Gymdeithas

Officers of the Society  2019 - 2020




                                                                                        Carol Sharp


            Executive Committee :

                          Pwyllgor Gweithredol :



                       Ysgrifennydd       :      Phil Winkless




                             Trysorydd       :        Mair Livingstone



            Web-site & contact                 

               Gwefan & chysylltwr      :      info@manitobawelshsociety.ca          




            Aelod er Anrhydedd am oes

               Honorary Life-Member     Professor Bernard Knight CBE,  Cardiff,  Wales

“The Welsh Society of Manitoba was established to celebrate and promote interest in the history, language, culture and heritage of Wales. Membership is open to anyone who wishes to join. The Society is non-political and non-sectarian.”

“Sefydlwyd y Gymdeithas Gymreig Manitoba er mwyn hyrwyddo diddordeb yn yr hanes, yr Iaith, y diwylliant a'r etifeddiaeth Cymru. Fydd aelodaeth yn agored i bawb sy'n ei ddymuno. Mae'r Gymdeithas yn gwbl amholiticaidd ac anenwadol”.

The Welsh Society of Manitoba is an Organisational Life-Member of the

Welsh North American Association

(formerly WNGGA)

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